Set Up Wallet

This step involves setting up a digital wallet that will allow you to securely store your NFTs. You can choose from a range of wallets, including Coinbase, MetaMask, and Wallet Connect.

Create Collections

To sell your NFTs, you will need to create a collection on our platform. You can organize your NFTs by themes, categories, and more.

Add NFTs

Once you have created your collection, you can add your NFTs to it

Ready for sale

Congratulations, your NFTs are now ready for sale! You can start selling your NFTs to interested buyers on our platform without worrying about any transaction fees or platform success fees.

Getting Started

What is an NFT?

How do I buy NFTs on this platform?

How do I sell my NFTs on this platform?

What are the fees for using this platform?

Safety, Security and Policies

Is my information secure on this platform?

What happens if I lose my wallet or private key?

What types of NFTs can I buy and sell on this platform?

How do I connect with artists on this platform?